Useful Tips For Storage Dresser

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Teak Storage Dresser

Storage dresser offers a convenient place to store clothes in the bedroom. But too often, it becomes unusable due to poor maintenance. Disorganization can also lead you to leave clothes everywhere, but in the drawers. Get the most out of your agency boxes by taking care of them and organizing their content

Box Care

The storage dresser can sometimes stick. Tighten the screws on the slide and the rails it runs in, if the box has a metal sliding on the bottom. Straighten any turns or bulges that you find in the metal parts. If the box has a forest image lubricate it with wax to make it slip smoothly. Tighten the screws on the drawer pulls regularly, about once per season. Most pull the screw inside the box, but some are fully attached to the front of the box. Look for replacement for broken or removed for drawer pulls on building supplies.

Put the heaviest clothes in the bottom drawers, especially if the storage dresser is higher than it is wide. This keeps the agency from toppling over. Leave at least 1/2 inch in the space above clothes in a chest of drawers. If you fill them too full, the boxes can be damaged, as well as clothes. Put shelf liner paper in the bottom of the drawers to prevent clothing from catching on rough spots in the woods. If you don’t have paper made specifically for shelf liner, use old Christmas or birthday wrapping paper the same way. Cut the paper to fit the bottom of the box.

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