Tips To Painting Brown Dresser

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Brown Dresser With Mirror

Brown dresser is a necessity to organize most bedrooms. Depending on the size, it may also be one of the centers of gravity in a room. There are many reasons to decorate an agency or change its appearance. For example, a considerable amount of money can be saved by buying a used agency and painting it instead of buying a new one. Or maybe a child redecorates his room and wants his furniture to fit in with a more mature theme.


Evaluate the brown dresser that you want to decorate and determine if you want to strip all the paint and stain the piece. Keep in mind that it may take a considerable amount of time. It is usually easier to grind off all loose or chipping paint and simply paint over it. Sand the office, starting with coarser sandpaper and ending with a finer grain, until all loose paint has been removed. Apply a paint remover with a brush according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a flat-blade color scraper to gently remove the paint.

Tighten any gaps or sprig holes in the wooden brown dresser that are specially designed for wood and reasonably match the color you will paint it with. Carefully paint the chest of drawers with a latex-based paint. Take the drawers and paint them separately. Paint small parts at a time, after the wood fibers on each section. If the original color is still lit, you may need to apply several layers. Attach the stencils to the area of ​​the office that you want to decorate with paint tape. Apply craft paint over the stencils with a stencil brush or a sponge. Alternatively, crafts use decals.

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