Tips To Make Wooden Dresser

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Amazing Real Wood Dresser

Wooden dresser is important and functional furniture in one bedroom. Also nice kitchen cabinets sometimes have wooden boxes that stick. These boxes may or may not close as they should. Sometimes the humidity in your home makes the wood expand and hold in place. However, wood most often comes in contact with wood in a chest of drawers. The friction between the wooden pieces can make it difficult to open or close the box.


Remove the drawer completely from the wooden dresser. Examine the inside of the chest of drawers where the drawer slides back and forth. Use pliers to remove any color, staples, nails or debris from the box guides. Often these can make it difficult for the box to slide in and out of the room. Rub a soap or candle along the box guides inside the chest of drawers. Wax or soap will make it easier for the box to slide in or out. Fragrance candles or soap will add a pleasant sent to the dresser. Repeat sometimes.

Replace the wooden dresser in the chest of drawers. Move it back and forth inside the chest of drawers to make sure it works as desired. Use a router to shape the decorative edges on the front of the four drawers. Glue and screw the boxes into the cupboards so they over 1 1/4 inches above and 1/2 inch below. Sand whole suits.


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