Tips To Cover Repurposed Dresser

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Green Repurposed Dresser

Repurposed dresser – There was a time when almost all furniture was created from genuine wood with skill and craftsmanship. Today it is much more likely that your agency is made of cheap composite wood covered by laminate. This type of furniture is much easier to obtain and often seen as more disposable. Before you throw out that laminate chest of drawers, consider whether it can be repurposed. Cover the laminate with color and use the chest of drawers in one bedroom. You can just fall in love with it all over again.


Remove the drawers from the repurposed dresser. If the agency has a rabbit cage with doors on top, screw the hinges and remove the doors from the rest of the play. Especially the rest of the agency as much as possible. Sand all laminate surfaces with very fine sandpaper. Remove all shiny varnishes from the entire chest of drawers but not sand through the laminate itself. Thoroughly wipe all ground surfaces with a cloth to remove dust and dirt.

Apply a moderate layer of all surface primer to each repurposed dresser surface you will be painting. Stroke the primer in straight lines that overlap as little as possible. Allow the primer to cure at room temperature for five to seven days. Paint all the laminate pieces with your chosen interior paint. Roll on a thin layer of paint using a low-cup roll and allow drying for 24 hours. Add a second, even coat of paint and let it dry for a full day. Cover each laminate piece evenly with polyurethane spray. Allow the polyurethane to dry for 12 to 24 hours. Mount the bureau in the place where you will use it.

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