Simple Steps In Making Dresser Table

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Vanity Table With Drawers

Dresser Table – Dresser is often considered as an element of function rather than beauty. A cheap and easy way to do over your dressing table is to add a decorative skirt. Vanity skirts also let you hide things such as plumbing or bathroom goods. You do not have to be experienced in sewing in order to create a skirt for your dresser. Make your own addition to the dressing table without sewing a stitch.

Draw a rough simple drawing of your vanity. Measure the length of the outer edge of the vanity using a cloth tape measure. And write your measurements in the sketch. Place a piece of cloth on a clean, flat surface. The transfer of the dimensions of the skirt of your drawing on the piece of cloth. Mark the border with a cloth pencil and cut the pattern. Light up and iron the hems on the top, bottom, and sides of your piece or pieces of fabric.

Fasten the hems by adding a drop of glue from the fabric between the pleats that are ironed and the edges of the fabric and folding the hem into place. Measure and cut pieces of heavy-duty tape, which match the lengths and widths of your fabric panel or panels. Glue the tapes on the outer edges of the fabric like a decorative border. Add the hook and loop strips with the top front edge of all the fabric panels. Attach the other side of the hook and loop strips on the front and sides of the edges of the vanity. Hang your toilet skirt by attaching the hook and loop strips.

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