Perfect Idea For Dresser Drawer Knobs

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Brass Dresser Drawer Knobs

Dresser drawer knobs – I love the handles. In addition to being resolutely practical, they have the chic to give personality to a piece of furniture. Sometimes it’s all you have to change to completely change the style of a cabinet, dresser or bedside table. In this article, I offer you some ideas to replace the handles of your furniture without ruining yourself.

Uses of the rope, the ribbon or leather straps to create straps that serve as dresser drawer knobs. A perfect idea for a seaside-style decor or rustic cottage. Do you love walking around the water? Take the opportunity to slip in your pockets some river pebbles that you can then turn into round handles. Ideal to give texture to a contemporary style decor. Another way to bring nature into your home is to create handles with tree branches .

Make sure to choose pieces that are strong enough to pierce them. You can leave or not the bark, according to your preferences. If so, brush it gently to clean and spray a layer or two of matte varnish. Keep the corks of your grands crus and make pretty dresser drawer knobs. Is there a better way to remember all these good meals shared with friends?

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