Ideas To Complement The Glamour Dresser Design

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Glamour Dresser Quest

Glamour Dresser – Closet space is one of the most sought after commodities in homes, but closet space is nothing if not a bit glamorous. Whether you’re after an attractive rock, sophisticated glamor or feminine glamor, there are a number of ways to transform your closet space – no matter how big or small – from monotonous to “Fab”. A glamor wardrobe also has to be well organized, Otherwise, it will only be a messy closet, and messy wardrobes are not alluring.

Remove all the contents of your closet and sort through your clothing, shoes, and accessories discard items that you no longer use. Apply wallpaper to the back wall of the cabinet or to the back of the cabinet doors. Choose a wallpaper that has a glamor pattern. Place a chandelier or other luxurious light shade from the light area in the cabinet. Light is an important part of any wardrobe.

Set a rug or two on a soft, plush material. Establish a functioning chair in smaller cabinets, or on the side of wall cabinets. Hang a wall mirror – preferably a full-body mirror – on a wall of the cabinet or on the back of the cabinet door. Again, choose a frame that has some glamor detailing. Place closet deodorants (those that kill the smell and without fragrance) in the closet before changing your clothes. Nothing kills glamor like musty smells. Remove all cables, old or mismatched hooks and replace them with all hangers of the same type.

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