Ideas For Repainting Dresser Decor

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Mirrored Dresser Decor

Dresser decor – Perhaps you have inherited an agency from an earlier time or if you have a robust agency that has seen better days. The craft and materials used to make kitchen cabinets years ago are only used in high-end furniture today. So, if you have a quality agency, consider repainting it to coordinate with your home decor.


If you are working with a dresser decor, give it a light grind to remove some of its protective coating. Remove the drawer handles. Make sure to cover the floors, wrap the windows and wear a face mask. Wipe off the dust. If your agency is not solid wood, not sand finish. Some solid wood painting techniques do not require a primer. For these techniques, a light grinding is sufficient.

Solid Coat

Apply a solid layer of your choice of color to your agency. Work with even and uniform strokes for a close-professional finish, or use spray paint enamel for even distribution. Some may choose to paint their dresser decor with a regular solid coat. This choice works well in many spaces. Allow the paint to dry and then apply a second coat for a smooth finish. Try a faux finish when painting your dresser for an eclectic and artistic accent to your room. Work with different colors to create an antique, worried or textured look. There are antiques artwork supplies available at craft stores for this technique, or use deeper shades of color to add signs of age to agency edges.

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