How To Perform The White Lacquer Dresser

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White Lacquer Dresser With Mirror

White Lacquer Dresser – Lacquer is a hard finish that is used in the wood industry to protect the wood and make it easy to clean. Apply it to a sideboard that is ensuring that the finish is protected and hardwood. Work quickly when applying the lacquer as it dries almost as soon as it is applied. This project only works on the sideboards made of real wood, already laminated and other synthetic products will not accept the finish.

Remove the old finish from the surface by painting a stripper on the wood using a large bristle brush. Clean any residue by wetting fine steel wool with denatured alcohol and rubbing it on the surface. Pour a waxed lacquer on a cloth and rub it on the wood to seal it. Re-wet the cloth if necessary to help the shellac go evenly. Let the shellac dry at night or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Apply a coat of lacquer to the dresser using a wide bristle brush and lacquer that is designed to be brushed on. Do not use any other type of lacquer, because it dries too quickly and leaves marks on the finish. Allow the varnish to dry according to package instructions. Rub it with fine 0000 steel wool to make the surface smooth. And repeat until you have three to five coats of lacquer on the chest of drawers. Use an antistatic cloth to remove dust between the layers.

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This article main ideas is white lacquer dresser.

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