How To Paint The Dresser IKEA

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IKEA Hopen Dresser

Dresser IKEA – IKEA builds and sells sideboards in a variety of styles and colors. If you have an existing IKEA wardrobe that no longer matches the decoration in your bedroom, you do not have to list it for sale. Instead, you can paint the dresser a new color to suit the appearance of the room. The same is true if you like the style of a new IKEA wardrobe, but that is not available in a color that you like.

Remove the toilet pieces, such as the knobs and handles, with a screwdriver to prevent the paint on them. Wear the entire surface of the dresser with 180 grit sandpaper to help give the paint a surface to which it can adhere. Inspect the dresser to determine the materials with which it was designed. IKEA uses wood, melamine and finished laminates. The finish of the dresser will dictate the paint you will have to buy for the project. Wood and laminate sideboards require standard latex paint, while a melamine cabinet requires melamine finishing paint.

Apply painter’s tape to any area of the dresser, such as hinges, that you do not want to paint. Fill a paint tray with the paint you have chosen for the project and use a brush and rollers to paint the dresser. Use the brush for corners and other detail jobs and use the roller to paint large, flat areas. Such as the top, front and sides of the dresser. Allow the paint to dry for the amount of time indicated on the paint can and additional layers, as desired.

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