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Hemnes dresser a dramatic makeover by wallpapering it with fabric. You can use a fixed or printed fabric for the project. Medium to heavy fabrics work best. Even upholstery is usually reserved for seating, wallpapering a dresser softens rooms with more hard edges, wooden furniture than upholstery. As it is unexpected, a stuffed agency also makes a good focal point.


Screw the knobs or pull out the hemnes dresser. Take the drawers from the chest of drawers. Paint the office front to match a solid fabric. For patterned fabric, paint the office front with the background or dominant color. Paint the base, apron and legs if your agency has them. Measure the length and width of the chest top, one of the sides and the drawer fronts. Cut the quilt wadding 2 inches longer and 2 inches wider than each drawer front. Cut two pieces of batting to the exact size of the dresser side. For dresser tops that overhang the sides and sides, cut a piece of batting 1 inch longer and 2 inches wider than the top.

For hemnes dresser tops that connect with front and sides, cut a piece of wadding to exact length and 2 inches wider than the top. Cut fabric in the same sizes as quilted cotton in step 4. If you use patterned fabric, center the pattern on each piece before cutting. Place each drawer side down on its corresponding piece of batting. Fold batting over to the back of drawer fronts on all four sides. Staple the pad in place half an inch from the edge.  Locate the screw holes for the knobs or pull on the dresser fronts. Cut a notch into batting at these places.

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