How To Get New Look From Old Dresser

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Danish Old Dresser

Old dresser – How large a sideboard should be depends mainly on the available space. When buying a dresser, it is therefore best to decide where the cupboard should be placed and how much space you have available there. Measure both the width, depth and length, taking into account the necessary walking space around the cabinet. By having a dresser made to measure, you are assured of a copy that fits perfectly into your home.

The function of the old dresser will also determine its size. Do you want to store many, few, small or large things in it? Do you want to be able to put something on it? Do you want to be able to use it as a TV dresser? … For the storage of DVDs, books, … you need for example a less deep dresser cabinet than for storing an old radio. If you want to place a TV on the sideboard, it should not be too high. These are things you think about in advance and for which you have to provide the necessary space.

In order to avoid unexpected surprises, it is advisable to set a budget in advance. The fact that you have to search within a certain price range may even facilitate your choice. A mirror above the old dresser is a real classic but what size should I choose above a sideboard and at what height should I hang the mirror?

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