How To Choose The Glass Dresser For Bedroom

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Womens Dresser

Glass Dresser – A bedroom dresser, unlike its bathroom counterpart, is designed with a seat so users can sit when it is used. Not aimed at women, contemporary bedroom vanities are designed for male users. Regardless of who uses the dresser in the bedroom, you have a variety of styles and seating options to choose from.

Choose a bedroom dresser in relation to the size of your bed. A standard dresser can vary from 36 inches to 60 inches wide. Determine if you want an individual vanity or dual vanity. A double vanity is more common for a bedroom; however, any type based on your preference can be used. Decide what type of vanity you want in your bedroom. Some options include a wood counter, elegant stainless steel or polished granite. Choose a dresser that complements the general decoration of your room. Decide between an old, contemporary or traditional vanity; comparing each one to determine which style best suits the general decoration of your room.

Decide if you want a glass top, which is available for many contemporary vanities. Consider the toilet seat. Choose between an upholstered bench and rounded stools, for example. Also, consider the fabric and materials different styles such as floral accents. Test the bench or seat to determine your comfort level. Choose a bedroom dresser that complements the color and style of your general bedroom. Matchlight woods like oak with finishes and similar woods.

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