Give Your Upcycled Dresser A New Look

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Diy Upcycled Dresser

Do you have a nice upcycled dresser but are you a little tired? Give your dresser a new look through other accessories and a different mirror. Sometimes it is even possible to put new handles on a sideboard which also gives the sideboard a completely different look. Place or hang the lighting so that the mirror can reflect the light.  On a sideboard you can place two twilight lamps on both sides of the mirror.

You can also hang two lamps on either side next to the wall mirror. Historically there are mirrors above a upcycled dresser but it has also been years of fashion to hang a beautiful painting above it. For the year 2017 the mirror is back in, so put the painting in a different place again and hang the mirror above the dresser again.

Hanging up a mirror does not always happen anymore, instead the mirror is placed on the upcycled dresser. This saves drilling and you do not have a hole in the wall. Certainly if you like a change in your design, it is useful to install the mirror separately. If you have children or pets, we advise you to anchor the mirror. Check our gallery to inspire you!

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