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At Home With Christopher Dresser

Christopher dresser – Do you know whos Christopher Dresser is? He is a designer and design theorist (4 July 1834 in Glasgow – 24 November 1904 in Mulhouse). And now widely famous as 1 of the first and most important, independent designers. He was a pivotal figure in the major contributor to the allied Anglo-Japanese or Modern English style and also in the aesthetic Movement. Both of which had long-lasting international influence and originated in England.

Christopher dresser was born in Glasgow, Scotland, of a Yorkshire family. He began attending the Government School of Design, Somerset House, and London at age 13. Before his appointment in 1855 as Professor of Artistic Botany in the Department of Science and Art, South Kensington, he lectured on the new subject of Art Botany to complete his studies.

In four months in 1876/1877 Christopher dresser travelled about 2000 miles in Japan, recording his impressions in Japan, its Architecture, Art and Art-Manufactures. Whilst in Japan, he represented the South Kensington Museum. He was received at court by the Emperor and all doors were open to him. Dresser treated as a guest of the nation. The Japanese Government requests him to write a report on ‘Trade with Europe’. So, will you try to use some christopher dresser art?

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